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Dual Layer
Ever Lotus Media (CD)
Ever Lotus Media (DVD)
Prokut Media
EL Media
Elight Media
Melody Media (CD)
Melody Media (DVD)
Afa Media
Gimik Media
Unbranded CD/DVD
Mini/Biz Media
Labels for CD/DVD
Photo Paper
Laminating Film
CD Marker Pen
Jewel Case (Standard)
Jewel Case (Slim)
Jewel Case (Retail Pack)
DVD Case (Standard)
DVD Case (HQ)
DVD Case (Slim)
DVD Case (Retail Pack)
Digi Tray/Calendard Case/Disc Spider
D-Shell Case
CD/DVD Wallet
CD/DVD Sleeves
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Lotuson Trading also produces solutions to brand your music and identity. We provide full service manufacturing, printing, and packaging of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, Business card CD, mini CDs, Mini DVDs and a whole lot more. We can help you to find the right solution to your needs and will work hard to ensure your order is shipped quickly and efficiently. Please contact us for a quote